Our Wood Floors

We listen to our customers and have developed a range of flooring which we believe will enhance the environment around you and give you pleasure for years to come. If you do not see a floor which suits your desire please let us know and we will attempt to make something especially for you.

Our exclusive collections consisting of Heritage and Metallics ranges are the most comprehensive available on the market today.

Please visit our bespoke flooring section for details.

Our Ranges of wood flooring:

Rotterdam, Alaska, Cornwall, Colorado, Letchworth distressed, Oxford, Alaska White, Letchworth, Liverpool, Oslo, Denham, Oakham, Moscow, Bath, Lisbon, Brighton, London, Copenhagen, Glasgow

Alaska Wood FloorAlaska Wood Floor

Alaska is a warm oak floor,it has a brushed effect giving it a natural lime effect and a two tone shade.

Alaska White Wood FloorAlaska White Wood Floor

Alaska white is a warm oak floor ,it has a brushed effect with extra white liming giving it a whiter tone. 

Bath Oak FloorBath Oak Floor

Bath is a light oak floor brushed to give it a two tone oak colour.

Brighton Oak FloorBrighton Oak Floor

Brighton is a smooth oak floor with a tone of brown and red.

Colorado Oak FloorColorado Oak Floor

Colorado is a unique brushed oak floor with tones of grey ,brown and white.

Copenhagen Oak FloorCopenhagen Oak Floor

Copenhagen is a light brushed oak floor with a hint of grey,white and brown.

Cornwall Oak FloorCornwall Oak Floor

Cornwall is a brushed oak floor with a strong dark tone.

Denham Oak FloorDenham Oak Floor

Denham is a smooth oak floor with smoked oak tone.

Glasgow Oak FloorGlasgow Oak Floor

Glasgow is a smooth oak floor with a deep colour nearing black but with some brown tones.

Letchworth Oak FloorLetchworth Oak Floor

Letchworth is a brushed oak floor finished by a dark brown tone with a hint of black in the grain. It is available in distressed as well to give it an aged and used look.

Lisbon Oak FloorLisbon Oak Floor

Lisbon is a brushed oak floor with tones of grey,brown and white.

Liverpool Wood FloorLiverpool Wood Floor

Light Ash / Grey Colour

London Oak FloorLondon Oak Floor

London is a smooth oak floor with a natural oak finish.

Moscow Oak FloorMoscow Oak Floor

Moscow is a brushed oak floor with tones of light grey and brown.

Oakham Oak FloorOakham Oak Floor

Oakham is a brushed oak floor with a deep smoked oak tone.

Oslo Oak FloorOslo Oak Floor

Oslo is a smooth smoked brown oak floor with tones of black.

Oxford Oak FloorOxford Oak Floor

Oxford is a smooth white oak floor.

Rotterdam Oak FloorRotterdam Oak Floor

Rotterdam is a brushed dark grey oak floor with a tint of black.

Hampton Wick Wood FloorHampton Wick Wood Floor

Smooth Oak floor in a rich brown colour finished with hard wax oil, available brushed as well.

Chiswick Wood FloorChiswick Wood Floor

Brushed oak floor with grey, black tone.

Munich Wood FloorMunich Wood Floor

Brushed oak floor with a dark grey and white tone.

Venice Wood FloorVenice Wood Floor

Double smoked oak floor finished with hard wax oil.

Roehampton Wood FloorRoehampton Wood Floor

Brushed oak floor in a vintage colour finished with hard wax oil.

Vienna Wood FloorVienna Wood Floor

Smooth oak floor double smoked, finished with hard wax oil.

Kensington Wood FloorKensington Wood Floor

Brushed oak floor with silver grey tone.

Chicago Wood FloorChicago Wood Floor

Smooth oak with walnut stain finished with hard wax oil, available brushed as well.

Stockholm Wood FloorStockholm Wood Floor

Smooth Oak floor finished with Hard wax oil in an American Cherry colour.

Manchester Wood FloorManchester Wood Floor

Brushed oak floor with grey and white tone.

Frankfurt Wood FloorsFrankfurt Wood Floors

Brushed oak floor with mid grey and white tone.

Paris Wood FloorParis Wood Floor

Brushed oak floor with a grey, green tone.

Prague Wood FloorPrague Wood Floor

Brushed smoked oak floor with white tone.

Carbonised Oak FloorCarbonised Oak Floor

Oak floor carbonised, brushed and oiled.

American Walnut Oiled FloorAmerican Walnut Oiled Floor

American Walnut floor finished with three coats of hardwax oil either in satin, natural or matt.

American Walnut Lacquered FloorAmerican Walnut Lacquered Floor

American walnut floor finished with six coats of lacquer.

Hannover Wood FloorHannover Wood Floor

Modern dark grey tone ideal for the minimalistic look.

Nottingham Wood FloorNottingham Wood Floor

Strong grey tone ideal for contemporary look.

Turin Wood FloorTurin Wood Floor

Sumptuous dark floor with accentuated grain so pleasing to the eye.

Washington Wood FloorWashington Wood Floor

Dark grey tone with texture.

Detroit Wood FloorDetroit Wood Floor

Strong, rugged look for cottage feel.

Kansas Wood FloorKansas Wood Floor

Mellow, cottage look as if naturally aged.

Warsaw Wood FloorWarsaw Wood Floor

Traditional elegant floor full of character

Boston Wood FloorBoston Wood Floor

Tropical looking textured floor with mahogany features

Paddington Wood FloorPaddington Wood Floor

Bleached effect appearance will blend well in any location

Grand Canyon Wood FloorGrand Canyon Wood Floor

Rough, textured,smokey coloured with grains running in opposite direction

Kentucky Wood FloorKentucky Wood Floor

Dark oak effect with silky look and feel

Denver Wood FloorDenver Wood Floor

Bold , black and brushed- the ultimate statement

Milan Wood FloorMilan Wood Floor

Dark grain features blended into light background

Weybridge Wood FloorWeybridge Wood Floor

Modern contemporary light floor

Naples Wood FloorNaples Wood Floor

Brushed floor with fired characteristics

Edinburgh Wood FloorEdinburgh Wood Floor

Vintage look strong in character

Rome Wood FloorRome Wood Floor

Dark floor with hint of lime in the grain

Berlin Wood FloorBerlin Wood Floor

Smooth Jacobean satin finished

Pisa Wood FloorPisa Wood Floor

Greyish contemporary tone airy and light

Sienna Wood FloorSienna Wood Floor

Rich textured mahogany looking

Rochester Wood FloorRochester Wood Floor

Charcoal effect ideal with light colour scheme

Parma Wood FloorParma Wood Floor

Dark and sophisticated would be perfect in ideal interior.